Why this page? Well, Vinyl is a pretty underestimated medium and has a great “collectors” value. Other then a CD you really have something in your hands, a large cover providing you with information, and when played on a good record-player, a better sound with more dynamics. And, it does request some effort to enjoy it, because you are more part of the music then you are with a CD. You always have to take care of the LP, make sure it is clean and properly stored, have the record-player in good order, a good needle and, last but not least, you have to stand up at the end of side one, and flip it over to side two.

Even though the site will be online for as long as i can, i’m selling a lot! Curious? Contact me….

Why am i selling? well i need some cash to buy all the new releases to put on the site again!
After all, according to the visitor list, people are still looking for vinyls!

New Releases & Recently added bootlegs!