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Title : Appetite For Conversation
Format : 1 x 12 inch (transparent or colored vinyl)
Label : Baktabak
Cat. NO. : BAK 6001
Date : 1989
Country : UK
Sound Quality : Medium

Comments : Some of these come with stickers on the sleeve, telling about the colored vinyl. There are copies with White/Transparent, Red, Blue, Green and Orange vinyl.
In in one case, it came with a CD single of “Yesterdays” sealed in the plastic. Although this is a bootleg, the single is the official release.

Clearly it is not a radio station interview. It has been put on record in mono sound. You can hear people doing stuff, telephones ring and are picked up. The person asking the question sounds a little eastern European. English is not his native tongue to my opinion. Also when the phone is answered, it done by saying “shalom”.

It is the band talking about the tour, mainly Slash and Duff. There seem to be other members there, but they don’t seem to talk much. I have no clue of where this has taken place.

Content : Interviews recorded on both sides, no music. Seems to be one long interview.

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