Title : Guns N’ Roses Live
Second Title : New York City, February 2, 1988
Format : 1 x 12 inch (180 grams)
Cat. NO. : DOR 2022H
Date : 2015
Country : EU
Sound Quality : Good

Comments : The tracks are claimed to be taken of the official radio broadcast from westwood. If that is true, they have cut out all commercials that were on those releases and now they have ended up with fading in and out tracks. Parts of the tracks are faded and there are silences between the tracks. NOT A COMPLETE LIVE SHOW!
All tracks are there, but that’s it.

It’s the same pressing or at least the same source as It’s So Easy (2015).

Content : 1988-02-02, The Ritz, NY, US

Side A :

  1. It’s So Easy
  2. Mr. Brownstone
  3. Out Ta Get Me
  4. Sweet Child O’ Mine
  5. My Michelle
  6. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Side B :

  1. Welcome To The Jungle
  2. Night Train
  3. Paradise City
  4. Mama Kin
  5. Rocket Queen

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