Only the shaped disc is availeble for € 75,00

Title : Le Beau Geste
Format : 1 x 7 Inch Shaped
Label : Vox Populi
Cat. NO. : WORK 5549-1-PD
Date : 1992
Country : EU
Sound Quality : Good

Comments : This was released prior to the release of the same called 2 CD bootleg (see last image above).
It is a shaped disc but can also be found uncut. Most of the uncuts are missprints and will have defects in the artwork. The parts that needed to be cut of are very thin and fold or break easy. The audio plays fine. It comes with a stickered plastic sleeve and has some extra inlays. The uncuts have no sleeve or inlays.

Content : 1992-06-06, Hippodrome De Vincennes, Paris, France

Side A :

  1. Welcome To The Jungle
  2. Always On The Run

Side B :

  1. Double Talkin’ Jive
  2. Attitude

More 1992-06-06, Hippodrome De Vincennes, Paris, France :

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