Title : Welcome Live
Format : 1 x 12 Inch
Label : S.I.A.E
Cat. NO. : N/A
Date : 1992
Country : Italy
Sound Quality : Medium

Comments : This is more of an EP, since there are only 4 tracks. With the Tag it is worth slightly more. This has a clear transparent vinyl as base. Limited to 1000 numbered copies. The number is on the tag, so, without the tag present, it is not possible to know what number you may have.
Mine is No. 0661.
The second one seems to have a slightly different color of base vinyl. It may have been a wall piece, and suffered from smoke or sunlight, but the white and other colors are not affected? Other then that, is seems to be the same. Or, it may be a “test-press” with no number on “dirty vinyl”. Who knows!?!

Content : 1992-02-22, Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan

Side A :

  1. The Godfather Theme
  2. Knockin On Heavens Door

Side B :

  1. Voodoo Chile
  2. Sweet Child O Mine

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