Title : Patience
Format : 2 x 12 Inch
Label : Underground Records
Cat. NO. : 1209
Date : N/A (most likely 1988)
Country : UK
Sound Quality : Medium

Comments : The full color sleeve has a nice shiny finish. The vinyl looks and feels nice and solid.
The version with the faded sleeve might be a Korean re-release, a bootlegged bootleg, it happened with more bootlegs, and originals that way.
The sleeve is thin cardboard and the front and back are stickers instead of printed.

Content : Live and Demo’s

Side A : 1987-12-26, Perkin’s Palace, Pasadena, CA, US

  1. Mr. Brownstone
  2. Out Ta Get Me
  3. I Used To Love Her, But I Had To Kill Her (misspelled)
  4. Sweet Child O’  Mine
  5. Michelle (misspelled)

Side B : Various Sources

  1. Rocket Queen (1987-12-26, Perkin’s Palace, Pasadena, CA, US)
  2. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (1987-12-26, Perkin’s Palace, Pasadena, CA, US)
  3. Nothin’ Ta Loose (Unknown live date)
  4. Its’ So Easy (Unknown live date)

Side C : 1987-10-30, CBGB Club, NYC, US

  1. You’re Crazy
  2. One In A Million
  3. I Used To Love Her, But I Had To Kill Her (misspelled)
  4. Patience

Side C : Studio Demo’s

  1. Mr. Brownstone
  2. Move To The City
  3. Don’t Cry
  4. Jumping Jack Flash
  5. Heartbreak Hotel
  6. Back Off Bitch

More Demo’s :

More 1987-10-30, CBGB Club, NYC, US :

More 1988-06-08, Irvine Medown, US :

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